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"After countless conversations with many Siberian Husky breeders which all dead ended due to my skepticism about the breeders genuine care and concern for their puppies I stumbled upon Leah’s web site and decided to give her a call.

Less than 60 seconds into our conversation I had no doubt that she was in fact very emotionally attached to the puppies that she was raising to eventually go to forever homes.

Leah was very honest and up front about everything from day one and made herself available nearly 24/7 to answer any of our questions (I had a lot of them 😇)

We discussed everything from preferred puppy food to skydiving and everything in between.

She arranged ground transport for Turbo at 8 weeks old and Turbo arrived a few days later.

It was immediately obvious that Turbo had been extremely well taken care of (Emotionally & Physically) from day one all the way up to his arrival.

It has been 3 weeks now and Turbo is 100% house trained and has learned countless commands.

If you are in the market for a Siberian Husky then I would give Phreshpharmhuskyranch (Leah) a call. The communication and quality don’t get any better than what they have to offer.


"Leah was absolutely amazing. It's hard to find trustworthy breeders that care about yours and your puppies overall well-being, but she genuinely cared about our growing family. From the very beginning Leah was extremely communicative about what was going on with our pup and provided videos and photos on almost a daily basis. She recommended a 5 week visit for us to meet our new puppy which was hugely successful and really helped our guy familiarize himself with us; it had a big impact on his comfort level when he arrived to his new home. She still checks in to see how we're all doing and I can't express how grateful I am for her dedicated care to these dogs and for giving us the best fur baby. We love our husky and I would recommend her services for future dog owners."


“I found Leah through Pawrade and I couldn’t be more thankful!!! Leah is so professional and cares deeply about all of her puppies. Leah offers a lifetime assistance to all of the customers that buy any of her puppies! Since bringing home Petree (Neo) I have been in contact with Leah and she has given me advice of Neo’s behavior and how to train him! Leah not only offers amazing advice but she raises smart, heathy, and trained puppies! Neo went to the vet and got a clean bill of health and came to us already leash trained, partially potty trained, and he was able to sit on command! In just being with us for one week Neo is already almost fully potty trained at just 3 months old!! If you’re wanting to add a little Husky to your family you’ve come to the right place! Buy from Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch you will be so happy!”


“I found Leah through the AKC website. Leah introduced us to Spike from the Land Before Time litter, he is now known as Bowie. He is so playful and cuddly. He gets along with our other Siberian Husky Meredith. Bowie was delivered to us and the delivery was so smooth I was very surprised. We have had him for about 2 weeks and we've taught him to sit, shake, lay down, roll over, and release. He is very smart and very fun to spend time with. Meredith loves to wrestle with him but he is also very calm when it is quiet time. He is fully crate trained which is where he sleeps and where he is put when we go out with family for dinner. He has come with us to Christmas activities and he was very good with people. Everyone in our family loves him so much. We are very happy to have him in our lives and excited to take him back up to Idaho with us to see snow for the first time. We are so impressed with the services that were offered and are grateful​ for the work Leah puts into breeding. Thank you so much for adding a new member into our family”


"We found PPHR to be very upfront, communicative and professional in answering our questions. We asked about lineage, general behavior, their facilities, vet records, and much more. We were provided opportunities to see the pups via videos/pics and on-site. When we did visit, the facilities were exactly as described to us - wide-open land, a nice puppy deck, clean pup rooms, and lounge inside. Perhaps even more important to us, the pup that we had taken to was also just as described - there was no "pupselling" here - just the facts. The animals were all very excited and healthy in both appearance and personality. Leah, PPHR's Owner, is very well informed on the breed and a pleasure to speak with. PPHR is also in great standing with the AKC and is a member of the Bred With H.E.A.R.T. program. It was easy to see Leah's passion and the results are impressive.

Among other things, we appreciate Leah's guidance as we began to gather the necessary items and prepare for our new pup. She provided us his feeding and sleeping schedules, current food type, some pro tips on equipment, and how to ease the new pup into the household. We enthusiastically and without hesitation recommend PPHR to anyone searching for a Siberian Husky."


"I took home a husky puppy a few weeks back (April 22, 2021). You can tell right from the initial interaction, the true love she (Leah) has for her huskies and their puppies at Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch. I would receive pictures and updates at least once every two days and I enjoyed them. She was very open and was promptly responsive to any questions I had related to the puppy, the parents, and even best practices. On the day of pick up, my puppy was ready at the agreed-upon time with all the paperwork. I couldn't be happier with my experience and would recommend anyone to Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch." 


"Our long search for a Siberian Husky came to an end when we found Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch and met Leah! We just moved into a brand-new home at the beginning of 2020 (before the pandemic) and felt we had more room and more love to give with another puppy! We felt this was the right moment to add to our family.

Working with Leah was very easy and assuring since we are about 5 hours' drive time away from them. Once we contacted her and began discussing what we needed to do to bring Koda home, she had constant communication with us. She was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had and helped us connect with Koda via pictures and videos.

When Koda was available to be picked up, we made the pleasant drive to Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch in Lake County! Upon seeing Koda, we knew he was the right pup to join our family! We have two other dogs at home and knew they would all love each other and get along. Koda is such a happy and energetic guy and he loves to run and play with our other dogs in our spacious backyard. He LOVES going on walks and car rides too! He is very healthy and has always had perfect checkups when we take him to the vet. We are so pleased and thankful to have worked with Leah and the Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch to find our long-awaited last family member." 


Harley & Lacey

"We got Harley from PPHR when she was about 18-months-old. She quickly became the princess of our home. She immediately got along with our other dogs and was clearly very well socialized. The PPHR grounds are well kept and all of the pups are super friendly. As a first-time husky mom, I had a lot of questions (and still do sometimes), and Leah was/is more than patient and super helpful whenever I needed/need some additional support. Harley still sleeps flat on her back with her paws in the air, so, I know she was raised in a safe and happy home. We are so lucky we get to be her forever family. Thank you, Leah, PPHR for raising such a happy and well-adjusted husky" 


Cheyenne & Al/Patty

"Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch has been so great. We received plenty of photos and videos to get to know our puppy before we met. The entire experience was pleasant and comfortable from the paperwork completed in the PPHR lounge to the meet and greet with the entire canine crew on the play deck, completing the fun and exciting visit with a short game of fetch in the large grassy backyard. 

All the dogs are attractive and friendly. Our pup is perfect, outgoing, curious, sweet, and charming, we do love him so much already. We're so happy to have been blessed with this lovely experience and the beautiful lil' addition to our family. Thank you, Leah, Phresh Pharm Huskies,!" 


"I have taken Champ from the Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch. Honestly, I was so worried the first day I literally bugged Leah day and night and she was always there to calm/ comfort me answer all my questions.  The puppies are very friendly including the Father and Mother of the puppies. Never seen such 'pawsome' family. 

I would always recommend Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch if you want to get a husky." 


"Excellent puppy care. Very lovable babies. Wish we could take more!" 



"I just love Phresh Pharm Huskys. I am so happy I found them!! I have my baby, Pacino! And he is a sweet, very smart, and an all-around awesome dog. One of the best things about my baby Pacino is, he's amazing with cats, very gentle, and does not chase them at all. Myself and my family can't imagine our lives without him. I will for sure get another puppy from Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch in the future!" 


"My Siberian Husky puppy was more than I could have asked for in a 'fur' child. She is very intelligent and energetic! I taught her many tricks and she has seen many beaches since she left her original home at PPHR. I highly recommend getting a Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch puppy!" 


"My experience with PPHR was amazing! Good, clean, friendly environment and puppies are well taken care of! I was blessed to have been fortunate with the first litter and one of the first Huskies from PPHR. I love my 'fur' son Bjorn! When I get more space, I will definitely get another puppy through Leah, PPHR. Excellent experience with a very trustworthy well knowledgeable owner, Leah, who loves the puppies like they are her own. I'd definitely recommend Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch to anyone wanting this same experience." 


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