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Adult Room

Our dogs are treated as family.  We believe the loving home atmosphere teaches our dogs good temperament, in-home social skills, how to interact with humans and strangers on a daily basis, and most importantly, know that humans are loving, friendly, and provide the best care possible for animals.

We have four stalls, each with its own doggie bed, dog food/water bowl, and plenty of space to layout. Our middle stall can fit up to three dogs, laying full stretch, comfortably, dog/water bowl, and beds. We call the middle stall our indoor PPHR doggie lounge. Besides having roomy comfortable stalls, they can enjoy the rest of the room for playing, lounging, and sleeping. Our indoor adult room has a dog door as well, for leisure of coming and going as they please.

The Nursery

Our first images show our private whelping/maternity room. The room provides a safe environment, far enough away from our adult dogs, for our mother to relax during the last week and a half before giving birth, during labor, and of course while raising her puppies. It gives me sufficient space as well to bathe puppies, general care for puppies, and sleep in the nursery for at least the first two weeks (longer if needed), should mom or puppies need extra care. 

Our whelping/maternity room is attached to our Phresh Pharm Husky Ranch puppy play deck. This allows for the puppies, when they are older, 4 weeks, to start learning how to use the doggie door to go outside. Our play deck is sectioned off from our adult dogs and covered in artificial grass. This is where the puppies can really begin to explore the outside world in a safe controlled environment with fun obstacles and toys and human supervision. 

Private PPHR Puppy Play Deck

The PPHR puppy play deck is covered in artificial grass. It is set up with a table, chairs and couch area for our clients. The play deck is where clients may come to meet and play with their puppy before pick up. We also accept appointments to view the PPHR home. After puppies reach 6 weeks of age we start to teach positive interactions with humans other than the PPHR family. We encourage families to bring their children.  

The PPHR puppy play deck is for socialization, athleticism, toy stimulation, introduction to small pool wading, and first introduction to the outdoors. Once puppies are old enough, 7-8 weeks, they can start to play with our adult dogs not only momma dog. Here, they get to learn to interact with humans, large dogs, and small dogs, in a safe environment to teach them it is fun, safe, and loving to interact with animals and humans outside of their littermates and caregiver. Puppies are also exposed to outside loud noises and smells. They get a large area to run around and play. They begin to learn potty training off the pads, to use the doggie door instead of peeing inside. 

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