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Puppy Curriculum / Evaluations/ Report Cards/ Videos/ Training

As part of being with several breeder communities, I have taken classes, and webinars, spoken with and created friendships with multiple breeders, and read about how to properly care for and evaluate the puppies I have bred based on puppy curriculum, video testing, evaluations, and puppy training (not to mention my own breeding experience). What does this mean for the client? You will have more viewing and "hands-on" opportunity with a Pompreme Palace Pomeranian puppy. Clients get to view the testing videos and evaluations of each puppy in the current litter. We also provide scorecards that show our evaluations and notes of how the testing went that give information on our puppy's tested traits.

This empowers our clients to learn and understand the differences in our puppies and allows the client the chance to truly pick the puppy that best fits their lifestyle, family-style, needs, and wants. By being able to communicate with me, Leah Fischer Caregiver & Owner of Pompreme Palace, about what you, the client are looking for in a dog, we can also empower our puppies by finding the right match for both puppy and client with the guidance of the tests, evaluations and advanced puppy curriculum.

The advanced puppy curriculum, testing, and evaluations create an avenue for us to better understand how a puppy reacts to certain stimuli and in turn, gives the puppy a voice to show us where they succeeded, where they may need a little more encouragement, to understanding what is absolutely not a good fit for the puppy and client/family. By allowing clients access to the scorecard and testing videos they can see the puppy's progress and we can better understand together, what environment also best fits that particular puppy and the puppy's needs.

We are bringing client and puppy together with the breeder and testing information to form a life long-lasting loving bond, care, friendship, and forever home that is best for both client and puppy!

Choosing Your Forever Puppy

Once a litter is born, we send a weekly update to the paid waitlist for the current litter, to let you know what's happened with the puppies that week and what's going to happen in the upcoming week. We share some resources about puppy care and puppy raising. We send a link to our puppy page where we chronicle the puppy's growth in pictures and videos.

When the puppies are around 49-53 days old, we evaluate their traits and temperaments with a test and scorecard. We video each of the tests. We provide information on all puppies to you to ensure the best match is made. After you have reviewed all veterinarian health check records and BAB temperament records and videos, then you can choose the puppy that best suits your needs as well as the puppy's needs.

Our goal is that each puppy family has enough information about each puppy that they come to Go-Home Day with a good idea of which puppy they feel would be a great match for their family without basing it only on cuteness/look.

On Go-Home Day we schedule families in order of reservation # and each family comes to our home to choose their puppy and take the puppy home that day.

If you are in another state or need delivery, we will do a video conference about which puppy you feel is the best fit puppy for your home. Although we love everyone to meet puppies in person before deciding, we understand that cannot always be the case.

Puppy Care Pack

We send all our babies to their new homes with a puppy care pack. Your care pack will contain your baby's vaccine and vet records, a copy of our signed contracts, BAB reports, a "New Puppy" care handouts packet, a small bag of their current food, and a couple of toys to help make their transition as smooth as possible. Unless otherwise discussed, your puppy's AKC paperwork will be mailed to you from the AKC directly. We prepay for each puppy's registration to ensure each of our puppies is accounted for with the AKC which also saves the new owner this additional expense. Pet home only puppies with limited rights will receive their AKC papers after proof of spay or neuter is provided.

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